Happy Teeth & Gum Kit -- Dental Care, Gum Disease, Gum Recession, Plaque Build-up, Toothache, Gum Surgery, Oral Hygiene, Bad Breath, Gingivitis, Helps Comfort Root Canals, Safe Whitening Power, Helps Bleeding Gums, Gum Sensitivity & Inflammation

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Manufacturer Description

The Happy Teeth and Gum KIT is scientifically formulated to help create oral health: help remove and prevent plaque, help heal bleeding or sensitive gums, help receding gums to return, reduce cavities, reduce bad breath (from bacteria), help to keep teeth clean, whiter and mineralized. Our YOUTUBE testimonials tell the story...it could be your story!. The only negative reviews appear to come from our competitors. Product guaranteed to please.

Product Features

Here's what our customer's report when using the Happy Teeth & Gum Kit: Helps with gum disease, gum recession, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, loose teeth, plaque build-up, gum sores, abscesses, gum sensitivity, bad breath and dry mouth syndrome. Many have found that the Kit helps to remineralize teeth enamel due to harsh chemical-based whiteners. The testimonial we get the most: "I had the best dental check-up of my life after using your products." WAKE UP YOUR TEETH, GUM & MOUTH HEALTH! Our Healthy Teeth & Gum Kit helps with prevention and mild, moderate or serious teeth, gums and mouth problems. The two step kit includes: Happy Teeth & Gum Powder and Healthy Teeth & Gum Mouthwash. The tooth powder and mouthwash use powerful ingredients to help eliminate gum disease, reverse gum recession and stimulate circulation in gums to help prevent and cure teeth and gum problems. We specialize in using the best of modern research and ancient medicine in our effective formulas. Very Important: The formulas used in the Healthy Teeth & Gum Kit balance mouth ecology and mouth pH. This is very important since acidic saliva and mouth environment contribute to tooth decay. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed -- Dear Potential Customer, We are so happy you found our highly effective products. We want you to know that our priority is not on profit margin, but on providing you with the most effective, 100% pure and highest quality product available. We CARE about YOU and OUR EARTH! Our products are not only highly effective, they are nonGMO verified, certified organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. YES! We use lead-free glass because if you put ingredients that are good for removing impurities and detoxifying such as aloe vera, fulvic minerals, herbs, essential oil and clays into plastic containers, they will draw out the chemical toxins of the plastic. And, who wants chemical toxins from plastics in their products? In 2005, we started making these products for our family's use because we could not find dental care products that were effective and also healthy. Then, we started giving them to our friends for gifts and now, here we are ten years later, with one decade of unprecedented testimonials you can watch on You Tube. You will love this zesty peppermint tasting full strength mouthwash -- Certified organic ingredients and nonGMO verified -- NO water -- NO glycerin fillers -- NO propyl betaine -- NO alcohol or anything artificial -- Highest quality 100% undiluted organic (inner fillet) aloe vera, our very effective for dental care--Primordial Plant Minerals (Fulvic-humic) and essential oils -- Aloe vera has been shown in laboratory tests to stimulate skin/gum growth. We feel this is why people report rapid and marked improvement in gum health with this mouthwash. -- Helps to reverse gum recession -- Our nonGMO Xylitol is a proven inhibitor of bacteria, and bacteria is the source of plaque formation. We use cavity fighting NON-GMO XYLITOL (99% of all xylitol used in dental care products are GMO-based) Our chemical-free products contain certified organic, non-GMO verified, 100% Pure & Healthy Ingredients -- NO glycerine to coat your teeth, NO fluoride, NO SLS -- We use cavity fighting NON-GMO XYLITOL (99% of all xylitol used in products is GMO) -- Very Important for You to Know: When you eat something, the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help to break it down and flush it out of your body. However, when you put chemicals in your mouth or on your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtering of any kind, going directly to your delicate organs.

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